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A comparison booklet guiding students through a series of activities comparing:
* Bob Ewell and Attitcus Finch
* Bob Ewells role as head of the family and Atticus Finch's
* Bob Ewells house description and that of the black community.
The students will be encouraged to use skills of inference through evidence presented in the text to form logical and clear conclusions.
They will be encouraged to use quotes and embed them into their responses.
Questions broken down with scaffolding include:
Atticus and Bob are both single fathers. However, is this as far the similarity goes?
Bob Ewell is the head of the family. What can we infer about his family through him?
How does Harper Lee contrast the Ewell�s home with those of the black community?
Which character does Harper Lee make us like the most and why? Is this important to their role in the trial?
Do you think they speak through their actions or their words and why is this the most effective?
This booklet is perfect for an aid to homework task or to be delivered in lesson.

To Kill A Mockingbird-Bob Ewell Analysis

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