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An Inspector Calls

Our GCSE English Literature course on An Inspector Calls offers comprehensive online tutoring to help students understand and analyze J.B. Priestley's classic play. Our course covers all the essential topics including plot and structure, characters, themes, language and style, context, and critical reception. Our experienced tutors provide one-on-one sessions, personalized feedback, and interactive learning resources to help students improve their writing skills and prepare for their exams. Our online course is designed for distance learning and offers individualized instruction in a virtual classroom.

The content typically covered in a GCSE English Literature course on An Inspector Calls:

  1. Plot and structure: Students will analyze the plot and structure of the play, paying close attention to the use of dramatic tension, mystery and suspense.

  2. Characters: Students will study the main characters in An Inspector Calls, including Inspector Goole, the Birling family, and Eva Smith/Daisy Renton, and analyze their motivations, relationships, and character development throughout the play.

  3. Themes: Students will explore the key themes of the play, including social responsibility, class, guilt, and gender, and learn how to interpret and analyze the play's meaning through these themes.

  4. Language and style: Students will analyze the use of language and style in the play, including Priestley's use of dialogue, stage directions, and dramatic irony, to convey the characters' emotions and motivations.

  5. Context: Students will learn about the historical and social context of the play, including the aftermath of World War I and the rise of socialism in Britain.

  6. Critical reception: Students may also study the critical reception of An Inspector Calls and the ways in which it has been interpreted and analyzed by literary critics over the years.

Assessment for the GCSE course on An Inspector Calls typically involves a combination of exams and coursework, which may include essay writing, close analysis of extracts from the play, and creative responses such as writing a scene or monologue in response to a given theme.

Please note that the specific content covered in a GCSE course on An Inspector Calls may vary depending on the exam board and school curriculum.

Online Resources

An Inspector Calls Online Resources is the perfect way to get the most out of studying this classic play. Our comprehensive range of resources includes worksheets, activities, quizzes and much more, all designed to help students understand and engage with the text. With our interactive approach to learning, we make it easy to get the most out of An Inspector Calls.

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Online Blog

Our An Inspector Calls online blog provides GCSE English Tuition students with a wealth of resources and materials for their studies. Through the blog, students can access resources like video tutorials, lesson plans, and interactive quizzes to help them understand the play in more depth. Our blog is an invaluable tool for anyone studying An Inspector Calls at GCSE level.

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Online Tutoring

An Inspector Calls Online GCSE Tutoring provides a comprehensive and personalised tuition service to help students prepare for their GCSE English exam. Our experienced tutors are here to help you understand the key themes and characters of the play, and hone your essay writing and exam technique. Get ready for your GCSE with An Inspector Calls Online GCSE Tutoring.

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