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Why are teachers striking in England? (2023) - A brief summary.

Teacher strikes in England have become an increasingly common occurrence in recent years. These strikes are a form of protest by teachers who are demanding better pay, working conditions, and support for their students. However, understanding the reasons behind these strikes can be difficult, especially for those who are not directly involved in the education system.

Here's what you need to know about the teacher strikes in England.

One of the main reasons behind the strikes is pay. Teachers in England are among the lowest paid in the developed world, with many struggling to make ends meet. This is particularly true for teachers who work in areas with high living costs. Teachers argue that they are undervalued and that their pay should be increased to reflect the important work that they do.

In addition to pay, teachers are also concerned about working conditions. Many schools in England are underfunded and understaffed, leading to large class sizes and a lack of resources. Teachers are also expected to do more work outside of the classroom, such as marking and lesson planning, with no extra pay or support. This can lead to burnout and a high turnover rate in the profession.

Teachers are also calling for better support for their students. Many schools in England have high levels of poverty and social deprivation, which can have a significant impact on children's education. Teachers are calling for more resources and support for students who are struggling, as well as more funding for schools in disadvantaged areas.

The strikes have been met with mixed reactions from the public. Some people support the teachers and their demands for better pay and working conditions, while others believe that the strikes are disruptive and that teachers should focus on their students instead of striking.

In summary, teacher strikes in England are a form of protest by teachers who are demanding better pay, working conditions, and support for their students. These strikes are a response to a lack of funding and support for the education system in England, which has led to low pay, high workloads, and a lack of resources. While the strikes have been met with mixed reactions, they are an important reminder of the vital role that teachers play in society and the need for better support for education.

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