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A Macbeth Poem - Something to enjoy!

Updated: Mar 25

Macbeth, Macbeth, a Scottish tale, Of power, ambition, and betrayal. A hero once, brave and just, But his fate was sealed in greed and lust.

The witches’ words, they did entice, And Macbeth's mind paid the price. He murdered his way to the throne, But his guilt, it would not leave him alone.

The blood on his hands, it stained his soul, His heart grew dark, his mind uncontrolled. The prophecy, it came to pass, As Macduff came to defeat him at last.

Macbeth, Macbeth, a tragic end, A lesson learned, to power, don't bend. For in the end, it will destroy, And leave you with nothing but regret and no joy.

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